We want to make sure that you and your pets like us, and that our services will meet all your needs.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to find time to care for your pets during busy hours of the day. Happy Camper is more than glad to care for your pets on site. We are also available to take your dog or cat to the vet or groomer while you are away - to save you time. Happy Camper Pet Service can also take your dogs to off leash play areas for fun and exercise, to ensure their health.

Happy Camper provides the following services:
  • Pet Sitting: if you are our of town or just away for the day, we will be happy to feed and play with your pets to make sure that they are not lonely.

    Pet sitting can include a single visit, or multiple visits per day. We can take your dog for a walk or keep them company simply in the home surroundings. Happy Camper also provides some basic home maintenance while caring for your pet, such as turning on and off the home and yard lighting for safety, and bringing in the mail and paper.

  • Dog Walking
  • Special Needs: Happy Camper will also give your pet special attention if they have special needs.

    Happy Camper will be glad to meet the special needs of any of your pets. However, we do not administer medications or subcutaneous fluids.

  • Transportation: Happy Camper uses a 2000 Ford Expedition for transporting your pets to ensure your pets travel in comfort and safety.

Hours of Operation: Happy Camper has normal operating hours from 9:00AM to 7:00PM 7 Days a week.

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